Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beginning again

When we left Jacksonville, FL five years ago, I assumed we would not return anytime soon. Having decided to attend seminary and relocate our family to Atlanta, Georgia, I was certain this meant not returning home anytime in the near future. After all, that's what ministers do, right? They leave home, family, friends and go wherever they sense God leading them. We set out on an adventure all right, but it has led us back home, back to a city and a people that we love.

What led us home is even more surprising than being back. After struggling to discern a direction for my future in ministry, we decided that an opportunity to start a new faith community in the Jacksonville area would be the next step. My love for the church, my desire to pastor and my passion for finding new ways to be church together have led us down this path. (there will be much more to come about this in future posts!)

So, I am beginning again. Although I am in a familiar place, I am NOT in a familiar place. I am beginning a new leg of the journey that will demand courage, persistence and commitment to my calling. As intimidating as that sounds, I am reminded today of how thankful I am for a God who goes with us wherever we go. I am reminded that God continues to create new life and new opportunity to respond to God's invitation to begin again. Thanks be to God for new beginnings!

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