Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Being still and moving

The past couple of weeks have been all about moving into our new home in Jax. and trying to get settled before our girls started back to school. I have been reminded of how much I dislike packing, unpacking, moving furniture and redecorating. It seems like the work is never done.

Unfortunately, moving is not a one time event. Our culture invites us into a life of constant activity and motion. We are invited to respond to work, family, friendship, church, and a host of other commitments. At times, our movement becomes chaotic and purposeless and we find ourselves achieving little more than driving ourselves crazy.

Jesus models another way. He models for us a way of both moving and being still. He not only found solace away from activity, but he demonstrated a way of being present and connected to the Divine in a variety of interactions. Others have modeled this to me as well; despite constantly moving, their spirits are still and ready to receive the graces of God that nourish, guide and compel us. It may be only a shift in perspective or attitude, but we can move and not be hurried and we can travel and still be at home.

This is so important for me to remember as I go about the work of planting a new faith community. I am learning that the work is never done - there are always more phone calls, emails, books, meetings, and details that need my attention. Truthfully, I need to keep moving, learning and accomplishing; yet, I also desperately need to be still. I need to be still in my spirit, and to stay connected to the God who called me into this ministry.

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